The Rack Radio Show 2014 The Rack 02-20-14

The Rack 02-20-14

“Multi-Time Award Winning” The Rack returned to the airwaves of the Wild Talk Radio Network this week to cover all the latest news you could possibly handle. Topics included the passing of Big Daddy V, Dish Network dropping WWE Pay Per Views, the WWE Network Schedule Announcement which both Lindsey and Sir Rockin are really stoked for, Rey Mysterio possibly leaving WWE at the end of his contract and more.

As always the duo gave their thoughts and opinion on the latest edition of Impact Wrestling which was from Manchester, which included the very strange Samuel Shaw’s interactions with Christy Hemme, Bobby Roode becoming team captain of Team Dixie, the World Title Match between Magnus and Gunner and the change of direction for one James Storm.

Also on the program the duo previewed the upcoming NXT ArRival Live Show next Thursday, giving their thoughts on the NXT Roster, including who they are looking forward to seeing more of and who they thought will leave as NXT Champion next week.

If that wasnt enough, the duo previewed this Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber Pay Per View Event, including the two big matches, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match and of course the battle between the Wyatts & The Shield.

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