The Rack Radio Show 2014 The Rack 03-27-14

The Rack 03-27-14

On this week’s edition of the ‘Multi-Time Award Winning’ The Rack, join host and leader of the show Lindsey Ward and her Candy Crush addicted and Logic-loving producer Sir Rockin as they discussed all the news that was the week in pro wrestling, including Dish Network now carrying WrestleMania XXX, WWE releasing the original ‘Sin Cara’ aka Mistico, Trish being asked live on a WWE podcast to induct Lita by her ‘Bestie, a rundown of the events surrounding WrestleMania Week, Christian supposedly getting a concussion from his match on Monday Night RAW, some amazing charity auctions up for bid including a pre-RAW walkthrough with a certain Bayou “family”, the confirmation of Mickie James and Stacy Keibler being pregnant, Bad Influence getting their own web show (in all its epic glory) and much more!

All this, plus immediate recaps of both this week’s ‘Vengence’-inspired edition NXT from the WWE Network including an NXT Title rematch between Bo Dallas and Adrian Neville, CJ Parker and his ‘diva-stolen’ trunks, an injury update on Sami Zayn and Natalya facing off against Charlotte in a clash between legendary offspring. Plus, we had an immediate recap of tonight’s Impact with Eric Yong getting the chance to face off with the World Champion Magnus, Abyss and Samoa Joe next week for the TNA Title, the one-week suspension of Samuel Shaw for being his usual #CreepyBastard self, two fantastic matches of Eric Young (off the heels of a GREAT promo) versus Samoa Joe and the personal battle with Gunner versus James Storm, Velvet choosing a side in the Beautiful People struggle, the ever entertaining adventures that is Rockstar Spud and ECIII in the Carolinas trying to hunt down Willow and so much more!

We also Rack Staples: Tweet of the week and Question of the Night ‘What do you think of the current direction of the Shield and how they are being handled?”! So, tune it and check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack, brought to you by,, and!

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