The Rack 11-01-12

On this week’s edition of The Rack, host Lindsey Ward, her producer Sir Rockin, the awesome Aussie Mase and special guest caller Spug gave their opinions on all the big stories of the week in Pro Wrestling, including the fallout from the final ‘Level of Hate’ between Pearce and Cabana in Melbourne including what has happened with the NWA World Title, and Iowa man who was convicted of 5th degree theft in the taking of a TNA Championship belt, WWE talent Derrick Bateman having knee surgery, we passed along our well wishes to Lillian Garcia who is still recovering her accident, the return of Jerry Lawler to RAW in two weeks, Beth Phoenix finishing her run with WWE and being “fired”, and the untimely passing of WCW and WWE wrestler Brad Armstrong, of the famous Armstrong family. We all would like to pass along our condolences to the friends and family of the Armstrong’s in light of this tragedy.

As with every week, The Rack is your weekly home for immediate Impact Wrestling recaps and commentary. We talked about Joseph Parks using Open Fight Night to get a shot at Aces & 8’s, a TV Title defense, the Former WTTCOTW challenging… the Spanish announcing team?!, Christian York’s Gut Check segment, Jesse (Tara’s Boo) taking on ODB, AJ’s shot towards the WWE, two big Turning Point announcements including a big Number 1 contender’s match being made and Hardy/Aries squaring off in a Ladder Match, and in the Main Event, Bully ray facing his brother Devon which led to an unmasking and a reveal of Luke Gallows?! plus so much more!

We also asked if the WWE dropped the ball with the Miz, if the AJ/Cena/Vickie storyline is a little too close to the TNA AJ/Claire Lynch angle, the Anger Buddies appearing on a radio interview together and where else we’d like to see them (hey WWE, how about an Anger Buddies TV Show), thinking about if Colt Cabana in the WWE could work, plus Rack Staples: Tweet of the Week, a brief Spoiler-free Smackdown Preview, plus the question of the night: “Who would your ultimate Wrestling President/Vice-President Ticket be?” Check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack, brought to you by and!

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