The Rack Radio Show 2012 The Rack 06-28-12

The Rack 06-28-12

The Rack is BACK! On the new, improved and streamlined edition of The Rack, Lindsey Ward & her producer Sir Rockin gave their opinions on all the big stories of the week in Wrestling in a new interactive format. After a show starting #Pipebomb (with some technical difficulties), we talked about the news of the week, including a WWE Diva quitting the company, JBL’s recent issues on his charity mountain tour, John Cena’s record breaking week (Make-A-Wish and his 10-year anniversary with WWE) and WWE giving towns the Jobber treatment. We also went in-depth with TNA Impact (subtitled “As AJ’s World Turns”) including the rebirth of the X Division, and the next step in the Dixie/AJ saga. We also had Brian J. Blottie from JAGRS join us to discuss the other soap opera that is AJ/Punk/Bryan/Kane and where that leads to at Money in the Bank, as well as theorizing about who will be the permanent GM will be after RAW’s 1000th episode, including a rather SCARY idea introduced by Sir Rockin . Check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack.

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