The Rack Radio Show 2012 The Rack 07-05-12

The Rack 07-05-12

On this week’s edition of The Rack, host Lindsey Ward & her producer Sir Rockin gave their opinions on all the big stories of the week in Pro Wrestling including your home for a instant recap of the Live Edition of TNA Impact and all its happenings, including Bully Ray, his legal wrangling on Abyss and his move to Twitter (@REALbully5150), found out Madison Rayne’s crush (hint, He screwed Bret), finalized the Ultimate X tournament contestants (or did we?), and had a final confrontation between Roode and Aries before Sunday’s Heavyweight Title match. We also had our official picks for the Destination X PPV this Sunday, recapped the releases across the major federations, a rundown of the Great American Bash Smackdown show, the latest Taker return rumor and a lengthy discussion on who is opponent could be (or SHOULD be), who the most underrated X-Division wrestler in the history of TNA was, and Rack staple Tweet of the Week. Check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack.

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