The Rack Radio Show 2021 The Rack 03-04-21

The Rack 03-04-21

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On this week’s edition of the Multi-Time Award Winning, The Rack returned with your hosts Lindsey Ward & Sir Rockin. On the program this week we will be giving you the latest news in WWE, AEW & Impact which includes:

*NXT Takeover happening on Wrestlemania Week?
*New WWE Network Specials
*NWA’s TV Deal
*Latest Blame Brent Injuries

And More!

We gave you the NXT Rundown which featured the latest goings on with The Way in Therapy, the CWC Screwjob, Roderick Strong and Finn Balor go One on One and more.

We also discussed how beneficial both Long and Short title reigns can be in wrestling and how there need to be more title changes in wrestling.

Plus Tweet of the Week!

Check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack Presented by “MBG Films”.

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