The Rack Radio Show 2019 The Rack 05-02-19

The Rack 05-02-19

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On this week’s edition of the Multi-Time Award Winning, The Rack returned with your hosts Lindsey Ward & Sir Rockin. On the program this week we gave you the latest news in WWE, AEW & Impact which included:

*Lindsey’s Birthday Bonanza
*Latest Blame Brent Injuries
*WWE Return to Saudi Update
*Jon Moxley Returns
*WWE PPV & NXT Takeover Updates
*Brock Lesnar retires from UFC again

And More!

We looked at the upcoming Fortnite Volcano Event, what weapon should be brought back and what Season 9 could be like in the world of Fortnite.

We also gave you the Smackdown Throwdown & The NXT Rundown which included the latest build to Kevin Owens and Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship.

Plus Tweet of the Week!

Check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack Presented by “MBG Films”.

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