The Rack Radio Show 2017 The Rack 01-05-17

The Rack 01-05-17

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On this week’s edition of the Multi-Time Award Winning, The Rack returned with your hosts Lindsey Ward & Sir Rockin. On the program this week we will be giving you the latest news in both WWE & TNA brought to us by & which includes:

*TNA Finally Sold to Anthem
*Jeff Jarrett’s new role in TNA
*Alberto Del Rio Arrested

And More!

We finished “Ask The Rack” with our final question, How would we book Wrestlemania 33. We will give our thoughts on a potential card and what we would like to see on the show of shows.

We also gave you the Smackdown Throwdown featuring Nattie saying Nikki will die alone, La Luchadora battles Becky Lynch, A Dolph Ziggler Heel Turn, A New IC Champion & More! We will also have the NXT Rundown featuring the show from down under.

Plus Tweet of the Week!

Check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack Presented by & “Wrestling Figure Photography”.

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