The Rack Radio Show 2013 The Rack 11-14-13

The Rack 11-14-13

On this week’s edition of the “The Award Winning Best New Show” The Rack, join host Lindsey Ward and her producer Sir Rockin as they discussed all the news that was the week in pro wrestling, including WrestleMania 30 tickets going on sale, WWE working with the Special Olympics to do a special highlight show, TNA One Night Only PPV’s and Bully Ray getting buzz by invading House of Hardcore, Jesse Godderz hosting the ‘Call to Arms’ College Arm Wrestling on ESPN, Hulk Hogan appearing on Oprah’s “Where are They Now?”, the recent changes to the WWE Wellness Policy and much more.

As with every week, The Rack is your weekly home for immediate Impact Wrestling recaps and commentary. They discussed Bully Ray accepting Mr. Anderson’s challenge to a No DQ match next week where either Aces & 8’s disbands or Mr. Anderson leave TNA, Christopher Daniels stealing a win from Joseph Park with his new move ‘The Yambag Squisher’ (Lindsey calls it a lowblow), Ethan Carter III taking on Dewey and Fernum AT THE SAME TIME, more heel Dixie and the MVP of the segment being Samoa Joe, Gail Kim facing one of the Blossom Twins, Joseph Park challenging his brother Abyss to a match next week, Mr. Anderson piledriving Garrett on the stage
plus so much more!

All this, plus Host Pick’ems for next week’s TNA “Turning Point” event, breaking down the new Citizen Kane and his recent Michal Cole interview with the new DOO, a look at the recent moves by creative and their indicision plus Rack Staples: Tweet of the Week and our Question of the Night “Who is your favorite Southern/Country Wrestler?”!

Check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack, brought to you by,, and!

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