The Rack Radio Show 2013 The Rack 10-03-13

The Rack 10-03-13

This week, on a special edition of “The Award Winning Best New Show” The Rack, join host Lindsey Ward and her producer Sir Rockin as they are joined by New York Times Bestseller, co-author of the “WWE Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded Edition” and WWE Historian and biographer Brian Shields. In a nearly 60 minute interview, he discussed his upcoming presentation on the History of the WWE in Farmingdale, New York this Sunday, what can be expected from this presentation, how has the WWE helped with this project, future possible destinations for the presentation tour, the educational possibilities of the presentation, his favorite decade and his thoughts on today’s WWE product and the ‘blurred reality’ movement by the WWE, his views on this weekend’s Battleground PPV, the unpredictability of the WWE product now and how that is good for the audience and much more.

You can follow Brian through his Twitter (@MightyPen_Sword) or his Facebook (!/brian.shields.796?fref=ts) for the latest news about him and his presentation tour. You can see Brian this Sunday at the Farmingdale Public Library (2 – 4pm ET) for his presentation of the History of the WWE. Get your free tickets from the Farmingdale Public Library reference desk or contact Brian for tickets. You can also get Brian’s newest book WWE Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded Edition” co-authored by Kevin Sullivan, visit your local book retailer or online book seller for ordering information and availability. You can see all the WWE Superstars at this weekend’s PPV Battlefield, call your local cable provider for ordering information. You can also tune in weekly and see the vast array of WWE programming; go to for a listing of shows and times and check your local cable offerings for local times and channel availability.

As with every week, The Rack is your weekly home for immediate Impact Wrestling recaps and commentary. They discussed the AJ/Bully confrontation to start the show, Magnus’ growing frustration with Ego and his MEM brethran and how it is affecting the Main Event Mafia and Sting especially, the continued heel turn of Chris Sabin and announcement of a four-man Ultimate X match at Bound for Glory, Lei’D Tapa making her presence felt against an unexpecting Velvet Sky, EGO and the announcement of Bobby Roode going into the EGO Hall of fame and special song time that accompanied that news, Austin Aries being money on the commentary desk, and the main event segment that saw Hulk Hogan making the announcement of if he is a Team Dixie guy or now that left the corwd and Dixie speechless. What happened?! Tune in to our recap to find out plus so much more that happened on IMPACT!

We also had an extensive recap and host/listener Pick’em for this weekend’s upcoming WWE PPV ‘Battleground’, plus Rack Staples: Tweet of the Week and the Question of the Night “What match are you most looking forward to at Battleground?'” !

Check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack, brought to you by,, and!

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