The Rack Radio Show 2013 The Rack 05-02-13

The Rack 05-02-13

On this week’s edition of the “Award Winning Best New Show” The Rack, join host “Birthday Girl” Lindsey Ward, her producer Sir Rockin as they discussed all the news that was the week in pro wrestling, including a free showing of Canadian All Pro on Cinco de Mayo, the TNA Joker’s Wild “One Night Only” PPV debuting on Friday, WWE’s new deal with Yahoo and the potential of a RAW Pre-Show, former Rack guests Matt Goldberg and Tara appearing at her Squared Circle Café in June to promote the appearance of their documentary “TARAfied” appearing at Cannes, Paul Bearer possibly going into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 and if the Undertaker would induct him and other news and notes!

We were also joined by New York Times Bestseller and co-author of the “WWE Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded Edition”. In a nearly 45 minute interview, he discussed his work on the WWE Encyclopedia with co-author Kevin Sullivan and why he did such a project, what it’s like working with WWE and DK Publishing on this project, how much research went into the books and how were they able to gather the information, how did the concept come about for the book, if there are plans for a third edition of the WWE Encyclopedia, if anyone was unhappy with the book or the space they got, the benefits or limits placed by only focusing on mostly WWE history, who was the one person he wanted to make sure made it in the encyclopedia, his personal WrestleMania experience from this past year, what are some of the things he’d like to see back in the WWE, who would he love to work on for one project and more.

You can follow Brian through his Twitter (@MightyPen_Sword) or his website ( for all the latest on his news and notes. You can pick up Brian’s new book “The WWE Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded Edition” co-authored by Kevin Sullivan, go to, or visit your local book retailer for ordering information and availability of this and any of his other works.

As with every week, The Rack is your weekly home for immediate Impact Wrestling recaps and commentary. They discussed the “#1 contender heavy edition of IMPACT that saw the return of Chris Sabin to Impact Wrestling (‘Hail Sabin’) and his inclusion in the match to try and fight for the X-Division Title next week, the reunion of Hogan and Sting against Aces & 8’s, the ‘completely in shape’ Aces & 8’s VP D-Lo Brown against Kurt Angle in an ‘I Quit’ match, the money mic work between #DirtyHeels and Bad Influence (only to be ruined by Chavo) and the naming of a certain beer-drinking Cowboy as special guest referee for the Tag Team #1 contender’s match next week, some Knockouts doing their best Jan Brady impression (“Taryn, Taryn, Taryn!”), Rob Terry destroying all the right people and the #1 contender’s match between Sting and Matt Morgan to finish the show, plus so much more!

We also talked about the results for our #AngerBuddies Caption Contest for the chance to win a FREE copy of the WWE Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded Edition, a new Twitter feed to add to our expanding list of ‘Must See’, plus Rack Staples: Tweet of the Week, Ask the Magic 8-Ball, and our Question of the Night: “Who is Kaitlyn’s Secret Admirer?” with some interesting responses and avenues in which to take the angle.

Check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack, brought to you by,, and!

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