There is no looking back now

While many were considering this past Sunday Night the biggest night in the history of TNA Impact Wrestling, tonight is the BIGGEST Night in the history of the company. On Sunday Night TNA created a nice launching point for its company, it created a Heel Champion who people truly want to boo. For weeks, if not months, people were questioning why Bully Ray was a babyface, this past Sunday Night proved why the decision they made to turn him babyface worked, because the moment he turned on Jeff Hardy and reunited with Devon and the Ace’s & 8’s, he became the Most Hated Man on the TNA Wrestling Roster. By creating the big heel character in Bully Ray, TNA set themselves up for the biggest move in the company’s history, leaving the Impact Zone.


Tonight in Chicago, TNA will be taking its television program on the road for good, no more trips back to the Impact Zone, tonight starts a new change and the building blocks they have setup for this move are going to be telling if TNA Wrestling can succeed in this endeavor they are going on. This will be the first time since I believe 2004 where a crowd will truly becoming to see the product on a bi-weekly basis and it will be a true telling point to see what progress they have made, especially over the last two years by building stars. TNA wont have the option of going back and they will now know whether a character is over and has the ability to get over long term.


Tonight is the biggest test and as TNA fan, I hope tonight is the start of something truly special. I know personally, tonight feels like one of those “Cant Miss” moments in wrestling history and I know I will be tuned in to my television set tonight at 8pm Eastern and I hope you all are as well.

-Sir Rockin