Who Cares about Justin Bieber’s Hamster?

Hold The Phone! Why in the world is this news? I know we live in a 24 hour news cycle and all, but why in the hell is a story about JUSTIN BIEBERS HAMSTER NEWS?!?! Come on now! News about a dead hamster should not and I repeat, NOT BE NEWS! Sometimes I wonder about the world we live in and now I see it, we have people reporting on Justin Bieber’s Dead Hamster.

If you would like to see the story, click Here

The New Pope?

So everyone has gathered today to see the crowning of the “New Pope”. People from all around the world travel to see the white smoke come out of the roof top and then scream and dance in praise of the new pope.

What if this was a wrestling event? Say the WWE Championship was vacant and WWE used this as a way to crown a New WWE Champion? Would you gather to see this historic event?

What if this was how they announced the person to take Vince McMahon’s place? Would you think that this would be a unique way for WWE to announce that Vince McMahon steps down and a new man is named and the person isnt Triple H?

If it did happen, talk about all headlines it would make.

The Debut

Well you are probably wondering what this is and why all of a sudden, the website has a blog? Well its simple, we wanted a place to deliver to you content outside of the show, beyond random postings on Facebook and twitter, that would be longer than 140 characters.  Now what can you expect here is for myself and Lindsey to post random thoughts and opinions on Pro Wrestling, Sports, Life and whatever we can possibly think of. You may find a random video every now and then of something we find interesting that we want to share with you. The one thing I promise you wont find on here is TOUTS, we will not Tout… Okay I know I wont tout and I think I can speak for Lindsey saying she wont be touting.  So please continue to check back here often for the latest thoughts and late night ramblings, cause yeah, we like to do things late in the night from your two favorite hosts… Okay, maybe one favorite host and the person you have to put up with… Either Way, welcome to the official blog of The Rack!