A Challenge to the Internet Wrestling Community & TNA Fans

For the last decade the cool thing on the internet when it comes to be a Pro Wrestling Fan has been lets make fun of TNA. Everyone has done it, I know I have, I know a lot of people have. Its the thing to do when you want to mock something is just to make fun of it and there is nothing wrong with talking about a bad storyline that a company puts on, because you are suppose to judge those sort of things. The difference between making fun of something that you actually watch and then going out of your way to take shots and make fun of something you dont even watch, has become such the “thing to do”, especially by those who claim that they dont watch the product or dont have time to watch the product, but they feel the need to come on the internet and basically use it as an opportunity to be the “Cool Guy” at the table. Its just because you have a facebook page or a microphone it gives you the opportunity to take a shot at a company because thats what everyone is doing.


Here are the facts, is TNA Wrestling in a good stable place right now? Probably not. Have they had a lot of change over in the last six months, yes they have. Its been everything from management to talent, no matter what role you had in the company, there has been a change. Have they had money issues, yes they have. Has there ever been a report that TNA is going bankrupt? No. Yet everyone seems to make it out like they have. The latest issue occurred when they had issue with wrestler licenses at an event in Missouri. The internet’s response has been “Oh Look at TNA, they screwed up again, this is embarrassing, look at how pathetic TNA is, I cant wait for this company to go under”. The more pathetic thing is the people who pile on with the “Cool Guy”, because they want to look cool in the cool guy’s eyes, cause its, oh look I agree with you, will you like me now. Its just very very sad.


My number one rule is if I dont watch something, I am not going to try and comment on it. So Internet Wrestling Community, If you dont actually commit to watching a product, you do not, and I repeat, DO NOT have the right to talk about it. This means whether you have a Blog(like this one), a wrestling radio show, a forum group, a facebook page, whatever, if you dont actually watch the product and I mean actually watch the product, which means if you watch the program on Fast Forward and claim you cover the product, thats not WATCHING THE PRODUCT, thats only look at flashy images go across you screen, DONT talk about the product.


Im tired of the so called “Radio Professionals” or “Wrestling Journalists” crapping on something that dont watch. Im tired of seeing so called “Fans” of the product crap on the stuff outside of the television show, which is why I have a challenge for everyone. The challenge is this, for everyone that complains about the business side of TNA and all of their supposed failures and flaws, I challenge you to start a business. I challenge you to start a business that has over 200 employees, that travels on a weekly basis and that has a weekly television contract to live up. I challenge you to start that company and make it successful and keep your head above water. I challenge you all to do it and see the pressure it puts on you and all the struggles there is to keep it running for as long as they have. I know this is an empty challenge because, no one will do it, cause you cant afford to it, but you will continue to do the one thing you can afford to do, bash TNA Wrestling.

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  1. Having read this, and the response from Daniel – a former co-worker on the radio end of things, I have to point something out.

    The article itself takes the notion that people cannot ridicule or complain about TNA because they don’t run TNA (Or a business like it). Logical fallacy here – you do NOT need to know how to run something to see silly (Or downright stupid) practices. That’s like saying you need to first become a cloud before you can complain about the weather.

    No, it’s not a requirement at all. When you have a 10 year old wrestling company that “Forgets” that they are about to work an area where Workers needs a license – that points not to “Mistake” but blatant stupidity – and you’re absolutely right I will point it out. For you see, I *have* run a small wrestling company – and #1 thing on your mind is making sure you have your ducks in a row.

    What doesn’t amaze me is that you, along with all the other TNA apologists, neglect to include bashing of WWE in your rant. It’s perfectly OK to bash them, because they are the big dog. Right?

    It amazes me how people pick sides, and wear blinders when it comes to their preferred entertainment option. If you are going to call out the IWC for petty complaints about TNA – make sure you let the door swing both ways, because there are a LOT of absolutely petty complaints about TNA’s opposite number.

    1. The point of this was simply, dont talk about stuff you have no idea about. None of us know what actually going on behind the scenes in TNA and we shouldnt act like we do. Thats the problem in a nut shell.

  2. I agree with the idea that people who jump on the negative bandwagon need to shut the hell up. It impressed nobody, and it certainly doesn’t make one look any smarter for it. It just makes a person look like a bitch, in more ways than one.

    But, there is one problem with the “if you don’t want, you can’t complain”: say you don’t want ANYMORE. You used to be watch [insert wrestling promotion] but have given up because the booking is self-destructive, the angles are poorly written, the characters are illogical, etc. You WANT them to get better, so you can enjoy them again, but they seem dead set on shooting themselves in the foot at every turn (at least from your standpoint), and the downward spiral seems to be getting faster, not slower. What then? Am I not allowed to bemoan what has become of the promotion I once loved that has now become a shadow of its former self? Am I not allowed to criticize and curse the current product for spitting on the promotion’s glory days? Saying “you have to watch to criticize” is, at best, short-sighted. I don’t need to watch my favorite football team to know they’ve sucked for over a decade and show no signs of knowing how to rebuild, and I should be able to take them to task for their inability to get better. If I can do so for a “legitimate” sports team, why not a wrestling promotion?

    1. If you dont watch, how can you accurately criticize something? If you are going off of what other people are saying, then you arent actually giving something a fair shake. If you sit there and week in and week out think the product isnt good, then by all means, talk about the problems, but its become such common place all over the internet to just sit there and go off of what other people say day in and day out about the show and not see the changes that actually have been made. The genesis of this, is simply, there are so many people that dont watch the product and go on the internet and go, “Oh I told you they suck and see they are proving me right”, when they dont know what the hell is going on and what the actual problem is. Also at the same time, be fair and balanced, if you dont like it, fine, complain about it, but counter your dislike, for what you actually like about the product. If all you do is hate something and dont get any enjoyment out of it, then just stop watching it and stop talking about it, cause you are just turning off people who may want to give it a chance and be able to judge it for themselves.

  3. Amen brother! I co-host a radio show, and people (even on our own network) give us a ton of crap for defending TNA. We can criticize them too (and we have) when it comes to lack of advertisement, etc., but ultimately when you look at the product and how far they’ve come in 10+ years, they’ve actually done a really good job and they have the potential for greatness. Not many businesses get past year three. I’m crossing my fingers for TNA.

  4. to the point, some readers mess the point, DON’T CRITICIZE A PRODUCT YOU DON’T WATCH!!! If you use to watch it, you cannot like something if you dont watch it anyways. you cant tell if it is any good ether. other then some other person’s opinion, and even then that makes you a drone, someone being used. build up a opinion for yourself.

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