Show Preview: Trish Stratus Joins The Rack 3-28-13

Tonight Live at 11pm ET, the Wild Talk Radio Network Presents the 2012 Award Winning Best New Show, The Rack, Hosted by Lindsey Ward & Sir Rockin. On the program this evening, we will giving you a Complete and In-Depth recap of tonights Impact Wrestling, a look at the latest headlines surrounding both WWE & TNA Wrestling, our Question of the Night which is What is your Favorite Wrestlemania Set & A whole Lot More!

Also on the show we will be joined by the “Diva of the Decade” and soon to be WWE Hall of Famer, the one and only Trish Stratus! She will talk to us all about going in to the WWE Hall of Fame, her thoughts on the current WWE Divas Division and a whole lot more!

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The Rack Gets Stratusfied Once Again!


Certain shows can deliver certain types of interviews, this thursday night, we will be presenting an interview you probably wont hear any where else, in this manor. As this Thursday night on The Rack, Lindsey Ward has some “Girl Time” with the former Seven Time WWE Womens Champion, the Diva of the Decade and yes even a former Hardcore Champion, thats right the soon to be WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus will be on the show to discuss a wide variety of subjects and you get some honest and truthful answers to questions. Please tune in this Thursday Night for what is a fantastic interview right here 11pm ET on

Show Preview: The Rack 03-21-13

Tonight Live at 11pm ET, the Wild Talk Radio Network Presents the 2012 Award Winning Best New Show, The Rack, Hosted by Lindsey Ward & Sir Rockin. On the program this evening, we will giving you a Complete and In-Depth recap of tonights Impact Wrestling, a look at the end of the era when it comes to TNA Wrestling with the final shows being taped this past week in the Impact Zone, we will look at the names involved in the show and share our thoughts about the Impact Zone.

Also on the show we will be going in-depth about the latest developments with the CM Punk & The Undertaker storyline, including what is missing from the storyline and different directions the storyline can go, with a couple of directions that may “cross the line” for a few people.

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Listener Submission: The Decline of the Knockouts Division

TNA has been going through a transition over the recent years and has become quite the company in its own right; a company that has focused on wrestling and has improved their way of telling stories both inside the ring and outside as well. Teams such as Bad Influence and their version of an Odd Couple team (Austin Aries and Bobby Roode) have become must see moments on Thursday night, stars have been elevated like James Storm, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode without having to depend too heavily in the “WWE castoff’ style wrestlers as they were reliant upon before. All of this has contributed to make TNA a very enjoyable watch and given them momentum heading into their on-the-road endeavor starting tonight in Chicago.


That all being said, this all might have come at a cost of one of the things that made TNA quite different from the WWE and other such organizations: The Knockout division. Only a few years ago, the TNA Knockouts were head and shoulders above the WWE Divas and putting on quality matches weekly on Impact, many times being the highest watched segment of the show. The talent within the division included the likes of Gail Kim, Mickie James, Angelina Love, Winter (Katarina Waters), Rosita, Sarita, Awesome Kong, Daffney, Cheerleader Melissa, and many more quality workers.


However, it seems that with the new emphasis on other aspects of the company, the Knockouts took a less and less important role and soon these quality workers started to leave one by one, some in the good graces of the company, yet other instances, including Awesome Kong, left in a bit of controversy and have seemingly shut the door on ever hoping to getting her back. Such was also the case with quality workers like Daffney and Roxxi, who are now gone and look to have severed ties completely with the company. No clearer sign can be seen than when looking at the list of “No Thank You” responses to participate in the One Night Only Knockout PPV, with the total now being 7 ‘confirmed’ no’s (Angelina Love, Awesome Kong, Peyton Banks, Roxxi, Sarita, Traci Brooks, Winter).


Now, I’m not totally sure as to the reasons for all of the no’s. As stated above, some may be personal beefs with the company regarding past situations. Some may just have previous commitments or other things conflicting with the scheduled taping. Or, it is possible, that some are voicing an opinion about the way the division is handled both on TV and backstage. Since the high point several years ago, the division has been whittled down to almost enough performers to count on one hand (According to the Official Roster shown on Impact only 7 active wrestlers; 2 Gut Check wrestlers that are actually in OVW and not on TV, and 4 female on-screen personalities that are not currently in-ring performers). Even still, of the 7 ‘active performers’ there are active only 4 have been used on a routine basis (Tara, Velvet Sky, Mickie James and Gail Kim). This is a division on life support.


Please understand I’m not trying to say WWE is any better, because it is not. The Women’s (I refuse to use ‘Diva’s here) division is highly stagnant and lacking in workers as well. The few workers they do have are either the Champion (though she is green), or working a program where she doesn’t really wrestle save for a match on the Saturday Morning kids show. The hiring of Sara del Ray was a nice sign, but change takes time and so far, nothing much has come from it. It seems as though the indy scene with CWZ, Shine and other promotions are seemingly the places to see women’s wrestling be given the due recognition and resources. Yet, the nice thing to see from the WWE is that they are able to seemingly bring back some of their more recognizable personalities from the past who were performer (or at least those who can try and perform) in order to try and rebuild the division or at least hold them over until the next group of young and (hopefully) skilled competitors can take charge, be put over by the vets and help lead a division.


So, I am not trying to say the WWE is the pinnacle of existence or way to run the women’s division, because they are still a ways away from coming close to respectable even. I am simply making the point that TNA was once dominating the race and had many quality performers and could have even carried a Knockouts-only TV show and it may have been a good special episode of Impact or a Good PPV idea. But now, you can barely have a scheduled match with the Knockouts, let alone try and have a PPV without only doing one night deals with indy stars who will simply leave when done. I mean, when was the last time you even saw Madison Rayne or ODB compete in the ring, or former Champion Miss Tessmacher for that matter?


This is seems to be truly the post-golden era for TNA Impact and unless changes are made, there may not be a division at all, either through lack of time giver or lack of talent used. But, from the rumblings that are read by many about Mr. Guuuut Cheeeck and his beliefs, it doesn’t seem likely.


-Brent “Kane Kittens” Grambrell


There is no looking back now

While many were considering this past Sunday Night the biggest night in the history of TNA Impact Wrestling, tonight is the BIGGEST Night in the history of the company. On Sunday Night TNA created a nice launching point for its company, it created a Heel Champion who people truly want to boo. For weeks, if not months, people were questioning why Bully Ray was a babyface, this past Sunday Night proved why the decision they made to turn him babyface worked, because the moment he turned on Jeff Hardy and reunited with Devon and the Ace’s & 8’s, he became the Most Hated Man on the TNA Wrestling Roster. By creating the big heel character in Bully Ray, TNA set themselves up for the biggest move in the company’s history, leaving the Impact Zone.


Tonight in Chicago, TNA will be taking its television program on the road for good, no more trips back to the Impact Zone, tonight starts a new change and the building blocks they have setup for this move are going to be telling if TNA Wrestling can succeed in this endeavor they are going on. This will be the first time since I believe 2004 where a crowd will truly becoming to see the product on a bi-weekly basis and it will be a true telling point to see what progress they have made, especially over the last two years by building stars. TNA wont have the option of going back and they will now know whether a character is over and has the ability to get over long term.


Tonight is the biggest test and as TNA fan, I hope tonight is the start of something truly special. I know personally, tonight feels like one of those “Cant Miss” moments in wrestling history and I know I will be tuned in to my television set tonight at 8pm Eastern and I hope you all are as well.

-Sir Rockin

Who Cares about Justin Bieber’s Hamster?

Hold The Phone! Why in the world is this news? I know we live in a 24 hour news cycle and all, but why in the hell is a story about JUSTIN BIEBERS HAMSTER NEWS?!?! Come on now! News about a dead hamster should not and I repeat, NOT BE NEWS! Sometimes I wonder about the world we live in and now I see it, we have people reporting on Justin Bieber’s Dead Hamster.

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